$SHIB To The Moon or Tomb? | Coinex Event

CoinEx: Nearly #Halloween, who is Pump Kin(g)?

ShibArmy: Definitely #SHIB!

At summon night, together with you, CoinEx team will give #Crytocurrency as a Halloween treat to witness how $SHIB is ready to revolutionize all market sentiment!

Who’s thrilled then?


Meme #cryptocurrency Shiba Inu coin (SHIB) keeps breaking its price record over this week, outshining Bitcoin and Dogecoin by big margins. #1CentDream is widely being discussed among $SHIB holders, where do you think $SHIB price will be then?

‘$SHIB To The Moon or Tomb?’ is the first meme token contest mainly driven by CoinEx community to estimate market sentiment trending, users can share 10,000 CET rewarding pool in total by predicting $SHIB price in accordance with following rules:

When is it?

Start at 1PM UTC, 30th Oct, 2021

Expire at 1PM UTC, 4th Nov, 2021

Who can participate?

Everyone in CoinEx community.

Snapshot: Coinex will conduct a snapshot before 1PM UTC, 4th Nov, 2021, users those can not be found on our telegram community will be disqualified.

 (Important Note: Each user can only participate once, duplicate accounts and all suspected participants including but not limited to bots, front running, or exploiting the campaign mechanism without appeal will be disqualified.) 

How to participate?

There will be 3-segment predictions on Google Form:

Round 1: 24hrs ‘UP’ or ‘DOWN’ (30% value of rewarding pool)

Round 2: 48hrs Change Percentage (40% value of rewarding pool)

Round 3: Accurate $SHIB/USDT Price (30% value of rewarding pool)

(Important Note: In order to claim the reward frictionlessly, please enter your correct email address which is registered as CoinEx Account. CoinEx team reserves the rights to disqualify those who entered an invalid Email address.) 

BTW, Do not forget invite your friends to join us on Telegram and enjoy the spooky night together!

Woof! Are you ready, let’s rock it!!!

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Round 1: 24hrs ‘UP’ or ‘DOWN’

Duration: 12hrs

As campaign kicks off officially at 1PM UTC, 30th Oct, 2021, the first round $SHIB price prediction will be live on Google form, you can join it from our Telegram community, 12hrs for you to invite your friends join us on Telegram, the predicted price trending shall be calculated on basis of SHIB/USDT trading pair CLOSE price on CoinEx APP at 1:00PM UTC, 31st Oct, 2021.

Round 2: 48hrs Change Percentage

Duration: 24hrs

At 1PM UTC, 31st Oct, 2021, CoinEx will release 2nd Google Form link on Telegram, simultaneously users will get 24hrs to poll the coming 48hrs $SHIB price percentage changing at their discretion, results will be base on SHIB/USDT trading pair CLOSE price on CoinEx APP at 1:00PM UTC, 2nd Nov, 2021.

Round 3: Accurate $SHIB/USDT Price

Duration: 24hrs

We will start to shoot the last section of this campaign on telegram at 1PM UTC, 2nd Nov, 2021. Users will get 24hrs to post answers through Google Form, the final $SHIB price you are predicting shall be accurate in 6 decimals (i.e. 0.000087), final result will be on basis of SHIB/USDT trading pair CLOSE price on CoinEx APP at 1:00PM UTC, 4th Nov, 2021.

Campaign Time line

1PM UTC, 30th Oct, 2021-campaign starts and 1st round prediction release  

1PM UTC, 31st Oct, 2021-2nd round prediction

1PM UTC, 2nd Nov, 2021-3rd round prediction

1PM UTC 4th Nov, 2021-campaign ends and community members snapshot

Final Result Calculation And Reward Distribution

Final Result Calculation

Final results will come out on 9th Nov, 2021, people who complete tasks as required will be able to share 10,000 CET rewarding pool in total, the exact amount of each participant will be depending on how many qualified participants there.

Calculation formula:

Your Reward=Reward 1+Reward 2+Reward 3

Reward 1=(Total Prize Pool Value*30%)/Number Of Round 1 Winners

Reward 2=(Total Prize Pool Value*40%)/Number Of Round 2 Winners

Reward 3=(Total Prize Pool Value*30%)/Number Of Round 3 Winners

Reward Distribution

Reward distribution date will be updated after the final result is released officially, kindly pay attention to official announcement on Telegram and Twitter. If unfortunately you have not received any rewards, please double check the campaign rules carefully to make sure you have fulfilled the tasks as required.

Last but not least, wish you good luck and have fun with the spooky party game!


CoinEx Team

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