Follow These sites before doing any Trade – Beginners Tutorials

Top 5 steps for market analyze and trading:

1. Crypto News Sites:
here you can get all crypto news daily.
2. Crypto market/coin analyse sites:
here you can analyse prize movement, chart movement , volume, circulation supply etc.
3. Follow your fav/choosen market social media’s
Mostly based on this market will go up or down. Before entering any market watch bitcoin movement, when bitcoin pize is stable that time is only better for trade. Bitcoin prize is abnormal don’t enter to markets.
4. Do paper trade in your home, before doing real trade.
5. Do follow 1;3 ratio trade. that means if you get profit means 3% , loss means 1% so you can trade 3 time with your profit. make a stoploss like this. so if this market down you should loss 1% only.
Follow these basic steps and start trade. Enjoy.

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