A Comparison of Ambassador Commissions on Different Exchanges: Why is CoinEx a Better Choice?

A Comparison of Ambassador Commissions on Different Exchanges: Why is CoinEx a Better Choice?

Many exchanges have launched ambassador and KOL support programs that reward ambassadors or KOL with commissions for inviting users to trade on their platforms. Today, we will compare and analyze the threshold and rewards of the ambassador/KOL support programs launched by three platforms: CoinEx, Binance, and OKEx.

A Comparison of Ambassador Commissions on Different Exchanges: Why is CoinEx a Better Choice?

1. Binance Angels and the Binance Affiliate Program

Binance Angels and the Binance Affiliate Program are similar to the Ambassador Support Program of CoinEx.

Binance Angels is a comparatively more accessible program that comes with less demanding BNB holding requirements. However, the program comes with few explicit rewards. Normally, Binance Angels will not get physical rewards. Instead, they benefit from implicit privileges, such as whitelist spots for Binance’s Launchpad, off-line conference funding, accessories, etc.

Covering Binance Spot Affiliates and Binance Futures Affiliates, the Binance Affiliate Program features many demanding requirements: The applicant must be a Youtuber, a crypto community KOL, a media creator, or a content creator of some kind who meets the following conditions:

(1) Have a social media account with 5,000+ followers or subscribers;

(2) Have a community of 500+ members

(3) Own businesses/organizations with a user base of 2,000+

(4) Have a media platform

It is noteworthy that the program has divided futures trading from spot trading. Moreover, the trading volumes of the referred traders for the two categories are also recorded separately, with different referral commission rates. Generally speaking, Binance Futures Affiliates only enjoy a referral commission rate of 30%. Meanwhile, they also have to invite at least 100 new users, whose minimum trading volume must reach 500 BTC. Such a requirement is very demanding even for big KOLs, let alone crypto beginners.On the other hand, on

CoinEx Ambassador Program,

As long as you apply to be an Ambassador, all trading volumes (perpetual trading, margin trading, and spot trading) recorded by your referrals will be included in the total trading volume. On CoinEx, Ambassadors can benefit from referral commission rates of up to 50%. Additionally, the requirements of the CoinEx Ambassador Program are less demanding compared with those of Binance:

(1) Have crypto-relevant social media groups independently built and operated, which can provide promotional support for CoinEx.

(2) Own personally operated SNS accounts, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

(3) Have experience and resources related to offline events, such as meetups and fans clubs.

(4) Have experience in promoting cryptocurrency exchanges, either online or offline.

(5) Have the long-term ownership of a venue that can be used for CoinEx offline events.

After real-name authentication, users can apply for CoinEx Ambassador as long as they meet any of the above conditions.

2. OKEx’s Morning Star Program

The Morning Star Program is pretty accessible. However, new users can only apply for the program if they have a social media group of no less than 500 people and over 30% monthly active members, which is as cruel as an elimination mechanism for crypto beginners.

In comparison, the CoinEx Ambassador Program is more user-friendly: It is readily accessible to crypto newbies. Even if you are not a KOL, you can apply to become a CoinEx Ambassador as long as you have an independent social media group that can provide promotional support for CoinEx or a personally operated SNS account.

Overall, the applicant threshold and referral commissions of the CoinEx Ambassador Program are more friendly. The door of CoinEx is wide open to all users, including the average retail investor, KOLs, professional investors, we media or vertical media creators, or even beginner investors who wish to profit from the investment opportunity and join the crypto community.


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