4 Years of Solid Progress: CoinEx is All Set for a New Adventure

Haipo Yang, an early Bitcoin investor and a young entrepreneur, founded CoinEx on December 24, 2017. At the time, although the crypto market was at its height, most crypto trading platforms didn’t do so well. Due to their limited liquidity, slow transaction speed, and poor user experience, centralized exchanges failed to appeal to crypto enthusiasts. To meet this CEX challenge and open up more possibilities for asset issuance and value discovery in the crypto space, Haipo Yang decided to join the race of crypto exchanges.

Thanks to ViaBTC’s crypto expertise and Mr. Yang’s keen insights into users’ true demands in the early stage of the exchange, CoinEx seized the opportunity presented by favorable market conditions. Having made a name in the crypto community, the exchange attracted much attention via a series of moves: It developed the world’s first 10,000-TPS match engine and supported the first BCH trading pair. In January 2018, CoinEx launched CET, its platform-based token. The exchange went on to become the №1 exchange in terms of trading volume among its peers in July 2018.
Rapid growth is always underpinned by strong capabilities. Backed by a leading tech team, an independently developed trade matching system, and fast, smooth user experiences, CoinEx has been regarded by crypto users as one of the most secure, stable and efficient crypto exchanges out there.

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Pursuing solid progress over the long term, CoinEx has recorded plenty of accomplishments over the last four years
Looking back on CoinEx’s journey over the past four years, all its moves are based on long-term considerations and solid efforts:

Founded in December 2017, CoinEx aroused much market expectation when it introduced its platform-based token CET in January 2018 to offer more flexible and diversified trading scenarios for users. In 2019, the exchange evolved into one of the crypto trading platforms with the most extensive product range around the world relying on its diversified products and services. During last year, CoinEx rolled out the Ambassador Program worldwide against the global pandemic to tide crypto users over the Covid challenge and achieve shared growth.

For CoinEx, 2021 has been an extraordinary year.

Aiming to provide first-rate services for more users around the world, CoinEx had started its global expansion strategy in March and engaged in market promotions in 15 language zones around the world;

In June, the mainnet of CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) was launched to help users build their decentralized applications with greater ease;

In October, ViaBTC Capital was established to gather crypto-relevant technologies, talents, projects, and funds, speeding up the development of crypto ecosystems.

CoinEx has now become a crypto service platform offering a wide range of derivative trades such as spot trading, margin trading, perpetual contracts, AMM, mining, and financial products. Supporting languages such as Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, Spanish, and Turkish, the exchange provides secure, stable and reliable crypto trade services for over 2 million users in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

CoinEx’s globalization strategy — A major milestone and the beginning of a new adventure
For CoinEx, the formulation and extension of its globalization strategy and its expanding global presence are both major milestones during the past four years of growth. From the recruitment of ambassadors for building the CoinEx business ecosystem in 2020 to marching into multiple language zones around the world in 2021, CoinEx has attracted an increasing number of ambassadors and partners, who have become another backbone of the exchange. This is why CoinEx’s globalization strategy represents a major milestone during its development over the last four years.

Looking at CoinEx’s long-term strategy, from the screening of high-quality cryptos to the R&D and launch of versatile products to its expanding global presence, we could tell that the exchange has always put users first and aimed to provide first-class, well-rounded, and professional crypto trade services that promise fast, smooth trading experiences.

To date, gathering innovative crypto assets, CoinEx has offered over high-quality 400 cryptos, more than 700 spot markets, and nearly 80 contract markets for users across the globe. It is also noteworthy that the exchange has repeatedly refreshed its records for the 24-hour turnover. Meanwhile, the repurchase and burning of CET have also reached new highs. Moreover, there have been more diversified application scenarios for CET, which was migrated to CSC as its gas since the launch of this public chain. At the moment, a total of 6 billion CET has been burned, leading to a gradually shrinking CET supply. This means that the ecosystem value of CET will continue to increase.

It is also evident that CoinEx has committed itself to a path of solid progress during the last four years. In terms of its long-term strategy, the exchange has kept the upper hand and made accurate judgments. As a result, it has become increasingly recognized among crypto users around the world. In the next four years, CoinEx is all set for a new adventure.

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